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          365游戏平台 - 365游戏大厅

          在家工作 - 快速指南

           *更新* 20/03/2020请阅读


          The school now recommends you use Freedom2roam to connect from home from now on. This works with Windows, iMacs & Linux. The older method for remote access is still active & can be found at the bottom of this page but this will soon be mothballed & taken out of service.

          To remotely connect using Freedom2roam open the following link, input your LGFL credentials and then connect to the school's network with your school username & password.









          第1步: Download & run the work from home login program, found 这里

          第2步:  你会被提示自己与lfgl进行身份验证。注意,它说,在这一阶段RDP网关证书作为下图高亮显示。在这里,你必须使用你的lgfl USO的用户名与“RDP \”前缀 - 例如:RDP \ ssmith789。你需要从IT支持部门要求这个,如果你还没有拥有它。


          步骤3: You now need to input your school credentials to authenticate with the school network & once again you will need prefix which in this instance is 'WHSNET\', an illustration is below. Note that this second log in screen says “输入凭据”。 





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